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You want to buy some plants to expand your orchard?

Entrust your arboricultural project to COULIE JEAN, located in Pia, near Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Arboriculture: a fascinating profession

If forestry means the mass production of seedlings, arboriculture, on the other hand, treats each plant individually. Acquiring plants from the arborist is thus the most reliable option to start a project. For your project to be successful, place your trust on COULIE JEAN. Its expertise extends to different types of rootstock for walnut and chestnut seedlings. Mr. COULIÉ, is at your service to advise you on your project wherever you are in France and / or abroad.

Make your arboriculture project a success with the help of COULIE JEAN

Arboriculture Pia

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Supporting your needs

Managing an arboricultural project is not always easy with regards to the many constraints such as climate, soil, transplantation efficiency and phytosanitary treatments. This is why COULIE JEAN offers personalised assistance.

Its services cover the feasibility study of the project, orientation in the supply and monitoring of plants, and yield evaluations. In a word, it manages the realization of all your projects.

Personalised assistance for your project

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The company values of COULIE JEAN are based on:

Its expertise
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