Consultant, Arboricultural Expert and Walnut and Chestnut Specialist

Le Sorpt

19600 Chasteaux

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Investing in a chestnut orchard can be very successful with the assistance of COULIE JEAN.

She offers support to project developers living in all regions of France as well as in Europe and internationally.

Success of your long-term projects

Specialised in the cultivation and production since 46 years, COULIE JEAN, located in Chasteaux (19), is the reliable partner to help launch your arboricultural project. It specialises in a wide choice of rootstock and chestnut varieties.

The company also assists you in the completion of your project. You can benefit from its monitoring and its personalised advice to optimize your production.

Your reliable partner to realize your arboricultural projects

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Personalised service

The company offers its services only to professional investors of public and private projects, which guarantees the reliability of its assistance. It thus offers the personalised monitoring of your needs to optimize the parameters of your activities.

Its intervention in the field consists of the study of the geological and climatic constraints, feasibility of the project, and follow up on the development of all plants throughout the first year.

COULIE JEAN provides personalised monitoring of your projects

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COULIE JEAN, it’s also:

Expertise of 50 years
A recognized know-how
Recognition on the international market
Quality products