Consultant, Arboricultural Expert and Walnut and Chestnut Specialist

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For the success of your arboriculture projects, hire the services of the nurseryman at COULIE JEAN.

He offers assistance to project developers living anywhere in France and Europe.

Recognised expertise

The founder of COULIE JEAN, Mr COULIÉ is at the service of professionals wishing to invest in arboricultural and nursery projects. He puts his know-how and experience at your disposal to help you succeed in your project. You can count on him in the orientation of supplies, your plants, study the feasibility of the project and monitor the development of activities during the first year of cultivation.

If necessary, he can also assist investors on international projects.

Benefit from the expertise and experience of an expert for a successful project

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Quality products

COULIE JEAN offers advice in the production of plants such as chestnut and walnut. After acquiring your plants, you also receive personalized advice on your plants processing techniques.

The objective of the company is to provide effective support to ensure the success of your project.

A wide choice of plants treated and resistant to pathogens

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The strengths of COULIE JEAN, your consultant:

Expertise of fifty years
Personalised support
Recognised Know-how
Recognition on the international market