Consultant, Arboricultural Expert and Walnut and Chestnut Specialist

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19600 Chasteaux

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Do you want to benefit from personalised assistance invest in a plant nursery project?

Trust COULIE JEAN, a company located in Chasteaux near Brive-la-Gaillarde.

Listening, counselling and follow-up

COULIE JEAN is a company specializing in arboriculture and production of nuts throughout France and abroad. We offer our services to private and public investors, including large project developers in France or abroad.

Its services include listening to your needs, assistance in your project and follow up on your activities.

Develop your nursery project with COULIE JEAN

Nursery Pia

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Nurseryman at your service

Mr. COULIÉ, the founder of the plant nursery COULIE JEAN, is also at your service to advise and guide you in your project. Passionate nurseryman with worldwide recognition for his expertise, he puts all his skills and experience to the success of your project.

Throughout the first year of cultivation, he takes care of all your needs to optimise your production.

The nurseryman Jean COULIÉ puts his expertise at your service

Nursery Perpignan

The strengths of COULIE JEAN, your consultant:

Recognition on the international market
Personalised services