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Investing in a walnut orchard can be very successful with help from COULIE JEAN.

She offers support to project developers living in all regions of France as well as in Europe and internationally. 

Why invest in walnut cultivation?

A fruit tree that can adapt to different climates, the walnut tree is a popular plant. Its hard wood is used for cabinet making, its fruits in the food industry and its leaves in pharmacology. The lush shape of the walnut is also very ornamental for exterior landscaping.

To benefit from these advantages, the tree, however, requires rigorous maintenance. COULIE JEAN is at your disposal to provide personalised advice for your project.

Walnut: a popular plant variety

Walnut cultivation Pia

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An experienced arborist at your service

The creation of a walnut orchard can be a successful project in the long term. Nonetheless, this activity requires the application of some specific treatment and reproductive techniques.

To benefit from a personalised support and the monitoring of the progress of your projects, hire the service of COULIE JEAN. Its specialises in different varieties of walnut and chestnut.

COULIE JEAN assists you in launching and monitoring your projects

Walnut cultivation Perpignan

Advantages provided by your consultant:

Personalized advice and support
Recognition on the international market